Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!!!

Well I am blushing!!! I was nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award by the lovely Nikita B from the delightful blog, "Becoming Burlesque"The journey of a budding burleyQ artist — Becoming Burlesque.

How it works: Once you are nominated you have to share seven things about yourself and then you must share the blogger love and nominate 15 other fabulous blogs!

So here goes...

1. Marilyn Monroe is my absolute favourite! I am obsessed with all things Marilyn and have been collecting books, movies and collectibles since I was thirteen years old. She is my ultimate beauty and style icon. More than anything I am interested in collecting photos of Marilyn that are unseen or rare. I love the candid photos where she is just herself and the camera captures the real Marilyn.  I try to share these photos every Monday in my tribute, "Monroe Mondays".

2. I love red velvet cake! It is one of my all time favourite desserts.

3. I am a collector. I collect everything from vintage magazines and jewellery to books and pin up art.

4. My favourite colour is red and I am obsessed with anything that is not only red but shiny!!! Needless to say that my cell phone is covered in red swarovski crystals.

5. The name of my jewellery line, Blonde&Red, is in reference to Marilyn Monroe's blonde hair and red lips. I wanted to pay homage to her in a way that wouldn't be so obvious.

6. I don't drink coffee and frankly, don't care for the taste!

7. I love to scrapbook! I have been collecting clippings from magazines since I was thirteen years old and I love to put scrapbooks together! My only wish is that I could devote more time to it. That's why I love blogging, it's like an online scrapbook.

And there you have it, some facts about moi! But enough about me, you MUST check out these fabulous blogs listed below!

Love and Glamour,


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, I will make it my next post...

Dustjacket Attic said...

Hello gorgeous,
Well done on the award and your list, and thank you so much for including me ...xxxx DJ

Karen @ Bobbins And Bombshells said...

Thank you and congratulations!! xoxo